Surrounded by sublime beauty

Exposed views dominate Northern California

After our ten day healing sessions off trail, it was nice to kick up some more dirt and dust as we plodded south from Ashland, Oregon. Bright cloudless skies greeted us most every morning amid both natural open terrain and previous fire burn areas.

Blackened trees made for a surreal walk

Our legs and feet were finally starting to realize that yes, we were punishing them again with daily climbs over many miles. We refined our gear, lightening our packs in the process, and we are getting better at predicting appropriate water carries.

Natural open areas afforded wide vistas
Something keeps putting these large sticks in our way.
Fearless deer keep us company

Averaging 15 to 20 miles, we are commonly hiking for 8 to 12 hours each day, stopping for small water and snack breaks, and to soak in the views. The daily experience feels like a combination of a training camp, mega-vacation, bug tolerance psychology experiment, and an appreciated break from the comforts of city living.

The openness is breathtaking
Small streams keep us hydrated and semi- clean

Trail wisdom of the week : Never take any steps for granite on mountains, or for granted in life.

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