Herein may lie the tales and photos chronicling a range of various adventures of one veggievore, one mostly veggievore and their two carnivorous feline managers.

Alyssa (Iron Maiden) and Colby (IPA) hiked the Appalachian Trail in it’s entirety over the course of 2015 and 2016.  While the thru-hike attempt did not work out, they were able to finish the A.T. in 2016 while simultaneously getting bitten with the long distance backpacking bug.  As SCUBA instructors who met while working in the stunning Florida Keys, any chance to get some good diving in is always a must. Both humans enjoy traveling and seeing the world (above and below water), and hope to pass some of the fun and experiences on to their two kitty companions.

Apollo and Sheba have busy lives managing their two humans, taking long naps, and window stalking various birds and squirrels.  As of now travel is not their favorite experience, but perhaps with the right encouragement and practice they could enjoy seeing more of the world from the safety of a mobile home.

Apollo & Sheba in a box
Apollo & Sheba


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