Views abound

Gorgeous views of Castle Crags.
Not much shade this week but spectacular nonetheless.

Week two on the PCT offered boundless views and exposed elevated landscapes. The heat returned with a fury and we are thankful to have brought a good sun hat and a long sleeve Sun shirt with hood. Our cool damp bandannas are never bored. We strive to hike in the cooler mornings, often waking up around 6am or so, especially climbing the inclines.

Mt. Shasta is still with us.
Fresh mountain air in clear blue skies.
The textures are endless.
Why don’t they put those refreshing looking lakes closer to the trail?
Oh wait, they did! We had a very welcome cold dip at Porcupine Lake.
I hear the sound of an ice cream truck somewhere, I know it.
Found this strange looking device in a little trail town called Etna, CA.
A member of the genus Catalpas, according to our Seek app. The delicately fading colors are exquisite.

Trail wisdom of the week : The longer your stride, the fewer steps you have to take.

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